Interdisciplinary Project in Santa Anna School

This news article about the end of the first year Interdisciplinary projected was submitted by Ferran Peralta from 1r ESO A. Well done Ferran!

The students from 1st year did an Interdisciplinary Project in Santa Anna school. They began it on the 9th of January and they finished on the 16th of March.
"Santa Anna school does an Interdisciplinary Project per year to learn in a different way" says the Head.
They did in in groups in the following subjects: Technology, English, Catalan and Audiovisuals. In Technology the students had to make bridges and they had to nexplain their structure, pair points, give some alternatives etc...
In English they had to write 2 news articles, one at the start and one at the end of the project.
In Catalan they had to give a presentation that they prepared in Audiovisuals.
"It was very hard, but we learned a lot of new things" say the majority of the students.