Visita depuradora d'aigües residuals. 2n ESO

Avui els alumnes de 2n ESO B hem visitat la depuradora d’aigües residuals de Lleida. Aquestes són unes instal·lacions sostenibles dedicades a netejar les aigües que els ciutadans de Lleida i algunes empreses dels voltants embrutem amb l’ús diari. Hem vist com cada tipus de residu és retirat de l’aigua, recollit en uns contenidors i transportat a un abocador de residus industrials.

History of Art: Guernica by Pablo Picasso

The students of History of Art (2nd ESO) have been working on the life and work of Pablo Picasso. They have discovered some of his masterpieces and they have drawn a mural of one of his greatest paintings: "Guernica". They also analysed the parts and the symbols that appear this work and they talked about its importance. It has been a great experience of collaborative work. Well done!

English Day 2018 - Ireland

Despite the rain English Day was a roaring success!

This year's theme was "Ireland" so we all came to school dressed in green!

We had a busy fun-filled day doing various different activities such as a food workshop where we made scones, crafts and games where we learnt more about Ireland and its culture.

In the afternoon we were entertained with a concert by Barcelona-based Irish folk group, The Stompers. They had us up dancing, singing and clapping our hands - we all had so much fun!

Thanks to everyone involved in making the day so great!!!